"The Northern Sea Route 2011" experiment

     Processing of the "Northern Sea Route 2011" results is finished. The experiment was organized by the Information-Analytical centre of coordinate-time and navigation support (IAC) TSNIIMASH and supported by Coast Guard department of the Russian Federation. The report in Russian is available on the following link.

PS-824 patrol ship navigation track

     The experiment of high northern latitudes navigation conditions estimation has started on 28.08.2011. The experiment is held during the sailing through the Northern Sea Route on route Murmansk - Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky - Nevelsk with the use of different types of GLONASS and GPS navigation equipment.

     The experiment is organized by Information-Analytical centre of coordinate-time and navigation support (IAC) TSNIIMASH with the support of Coast Guard department of the Russian Federation FSB Board service and held on the latest Coast guard ship - PS-824 patrol ship, moving to the post on Sakhalin Island.

PS-824 Murmansk port 25.08.2011

IAC specialists A.A. Bermishev ( left photo) and V.L. Lapshin( right photo) participate in sailing

      Major tasks of the experiment:

  • Domestic and foreign consumers navigation equipment test, including the use of differential navigation mode.
  • Ships movement tracking accuracy estimation, under the posteriori processing of the data from different GLONASS/GPS dual-frequency (l1, l2) receivers.
  • Estimation of the real navigation conditions during the sailing.
  • Mobile monitoring station( on the ship) and IAC data interchange technology development.

     The latest domestic and foreign navigation equipment samples- KB "NAVIS",RIRV, NII KP, Izhevskiy Radiozavod, "Radio Komplex", Javad GNSS, Leica ( granted by Navgeokom company) etc. are used in the experiment. Research and Production Center "Technological Laboratory" (Mytischi M.R.) has also assisted the experiment preparations.

     The experiments results are planned to be published in the print media and also as the reports on the IAC scientific-and-engineering council and other conferences.

     The following equipment is granted:

NAP SN-5703 ( Navis navigation systems)

RK-2006mk2 - Ship GNSS GLONASS/GPS receive-indicator with built-in differential corrections reciever («Radio complex»)

PARM-406A rescue beacon (NII KP)

NAP NT-1813 GLONASS/GPS personal navigator (RIRV)


"Iziskanie" GLONASS/GPS geodetic receiver (RIRV)

Viva GS10 geodetic receiver (Leica, granted by Navgeokom company)

Triumph V.S. geodetic receiver (Javad)

Sigma geodetic reciever (Javad)

RK-2106 - Ship GNSS GLONASS/GPS recieve-indicator with built-in differential correction receiver and angles(course/roll/trim) outputting function (Radio Kompas)

      General navigation equipment also is used in the experiment (NAP OP) (NII KP)