SC (spacecraft) is usable
"Unhealthy" in ephemeris
Illegal ephemeris
No data
Failure (URE > 75 м)
Ephemeris are not available
Not enough data for scale’s representation

Station, transmitting the information within the specified time interval

Station, currently transmitting the information


Current URE value

Average URE value for the last 5 minutes

24 hours GLONASS status monitoring according to the global network of stations' data

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     The global station network includes Russian station network SDCM (stations on Russian territory and 2 stations in Antarctica), and foreign organizations stations (IGS, Euref, TrigNet, RBMC, etc.).

     Top left graph shows the results of the last 24 hours SC GLONASS status monitoring, based on the measurements from the global network of stations:

  • the results shown in the light-green hatched zone obtained from the data received in real time mode from the stations, shown on the bottom right map;
  • the rest of the graph shows the results, precised with RINEX data, received from the stations, showed on the bottom left map, in hourly mode;
     The top right graph shows current values of SC GLONASS code measurements' errors (URE) .

Note: This page doesn't contain the SC status analysis, based on the almanac data, because global network stations can receive different almanac versions, considering that it takes 12 hours to upload the almanac to all GLONASS SC. Current almanac status, according to IAC tracking point data, is performed on the "GLONASS status" и "Ephemeris".