This service operates in an experimental mode!

You can receive the International Terrestrial Reference Frame (ITRF) coordinates of a base point you are interested. To obtain the coordinates you should sent the RINEX-file of the dual-frequency navigation receiver placed in that place to The results of navigation data processing will be forwarded either to email, specified by you, or the RINEX-file sender’s email.

An accuracy of coordinates’ definition depends both on a measuring span and a distance from ITRF reference stations.

The measuring information RINEX files may be standard *.yyo (where yy is the year, for example 08o), or compressed format *.yyd and *.yyd. Z

Requirements for initial RINEX-files are standard for this procedure:

  1. The received file should be conformed to the RINEX standard.
  2. Approximate coordinates of the specified point need to be stated in the heading of RINEX-file. If it is impossible, then approximate values of coordinates of specified point should be forwarded in a separate file (for example, latitudes and longitudes).
  3. The receiver measuring information has to be bound to the GPS time.
  4. Measurement length - from several hours to days.
  5. Measuring interval - 30 sec.

If you have any questions about this service or need further information, please, mail to: